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FAQs. I am an adult carer. When will I be vaccinated?

Adult carers fall into the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) priority group six. This group is the biggest group to be vaccinated and it will take the NHS several weeks to offer these eligible people the vaccine.

There are three types of carers that fall into group six.

  • If you are a carer who receives a carers allowance, you are now eligible for your COVID-19 vaccine. Please call 119 or book online to book your appointment without delay Book Your Coronavirus Vaccination Online.
  • If you are an informal carer who is already on your GP Practice’s ‘Carers Register’, please wait to be contacted over the coming weeks
  • If you are a carer who is not registered with either the Department of Work & Pensions or your GP Practice’s ‘Carers Register’, please wait for further information over the coming weeks. We recognise the vital role carers play in caring for vulnerable individuals and would like to assure all carers that they will be invited for their vaccine over the coming weeks.

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